A Well Worn Trade

Print / Digital / Animation

Create a retail campaign to promote R.M.Williams boots to the Northern Hemisphere across R.M.Williams stores in the UK (London, SOHO, Bond St) and the US (New York, LA, Austin). The campaign had to fit in with R.M.Williams existing guidelines and tone. How do we get people to try on a pair of R.M.Williams and what would help entice them to swap from an existing boot brand in an already saturated UK and US market?

A Well Worn Trade was created to give customers the opportunity to come into any R.M.Williams store and bring in an old but worthy pair of leather boots and receive $150 (US/Pounds) towards a new pair of boots. We also came up with additional strategies in each of the cities to find ways of responsibly disposing of old leather boots due to leather impact on the environment including, giving the boots to local artists, charities as well as responsible disposal.

A Well Worn Trade was used across R.M.Williams Print, Digital & Social, Storefronts and localized promotional events across the Northern Hemisphere